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Welcome to the Toodyay Friends of the River (TFOR) website

TFOR - working for the health of the Swan/Avon River


Above: Black-winged Stilt ( photo: Ardina Van de Ven)

The Avon River is unique in its character; dry for most of the year but wet in the winter, it originates in an almost flat catchment, then drops sharply to its outlet, the Swan River (most river systems in the world commence in the uplands or mountains, and terminate through flat floodplains). The Avon is also unique in the way it's currently managed - mostly by community groups such as TFOR.
The Avon is the upper reaches of the Swan River which flows through the heart of Perth, then on through Fremantle to the sea. Both rivers have had some really poor management decisions made by government in the past (the Avon River Training Scheme a prime example). Now, when the economy is more focused on development, our waterways are again under pressure. Community groups like TFOR, and 'Conserving the Avon River Environment' (CARE) are undertaking whatever activities they are capable of with their limited resources. But they can't replace a committed government.

The TFOR Vision Statement is 'That the Avon River will once again be the lifeblood of the Swan-Avon River Systems, with its remnant biodiversity and natural habitats conserved by the Toodyay Friends of the River for present and future generations'.

The TFOR Mission is 'the conservation and rehabilitation of the Avon River and its environs'.

Your donation will assist us to accomplish our mission.

If you are interested in helping the TFOR - either with our monthly working bees, with administration, or trying to help turn the tide, you are more than welcome. Contact our President with details of the skills you have to offer.

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The Toodyay Friends of the River members recognise the Ballardong People of the Noongar Nation as the traditional owners of the land on which we live, work and meet.
NAIDOC Week, celebrating the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, is from the 7th to the 14th July in 2019
Toodyay celebrated NAIDOC on 7th July in the Memorial Hall with a Smoking Ceremony, followed by some wonderful Digeridoo playing and Aboriginal dancing. Other activities included Bush Medicine and Basket Weaving, kids activities, building a Mia Mia and an opportunity for cultural yarning.

TFOR is a CHOOSE RESPECT supporter


CHANGES... The website has been upgraded. Take a peek at our monitoring section.

Updated 11th July 2019


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