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The Toodyay Naturalists' Club conducted a three-year bird survey along the river, from 2015 to 2017.


A list of the birds along the pool and fringing vegetation was compiled from 67 surveys between December 2010 and August 2017. Most of the surveying was undertaken by members of the Wheatbelt Avon Branch of Birdlife Australia (WABBA) with support from local organisations such as the Toodyay Friends of the River, Toodyay Naturalists' Club, the Avon Valley Environment Society and three non-members.
67 visits to Millards Pool, from Extracts Weir to Donkey Crossing, were conducted in this period resulting in 103 species. Survey times varied depending on the time of the year but averaged about 65 minutes per survey.
All species seen have been verified by at least two sightings on different surveys or by two different persons.
You can review the report, firstly by scientific name, then species name, common name and count.

Compiled by John Masters, WABBA.

Page updated 2 November 2018

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