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These are the most recent sightings sent to us by our members and the general public. If you would like to log a sighting of any flora or fauna in the Toodyay area, please click the link provided.

Log a sighting

# Date Location Species Notes
1 30-09-2015 Avon River, Katrine to Cobbler's Pool Various - in notes Hoary-headed Grebe Australasian Grebe Pelican Little Pied Cormorant Great Cormorant Little Black
2 07-03-2015 Redbank Pool Little Grebe With other birds
3 07-03-2015 Redbank Pool Rainbow beeeater Lots of birds gathering for migration
4 07-03-2015 Lloyd Reserve Splendid Wren
5 25-09-2014 Ninigo Creek Dumbarton Wedge-tailed Eagle Large nest with one young
6 19-06-2014 Red Banks Pool Bird Hide Area Mute Swan (3)prob most likely first for Red Banks have been seen on Millards Pool in the past.
7 24-05-2014 Upstream from Redbanks Pool White Swan Two adults and a cygnet (able to fly). Not seen on the pool before
8 07-05-2014 Northam Town Pool Straw-necked Ibis One bird feeding on grass on edge of pool, New recording for this area.
9 08-04-2014 Northam Town Pool Little Egret Feeding near island uncommon in this area
10 06-04-2014 Redbanks pool Bird Hide Australasian Grebe large number of birds 23 in all ranging from young to adults in breeding plumage doing what grebes o
11 11-03-2014 Ninigo Creek Dumbarton Wedge-tailed Eagles 4 Birds in dead tree on creek line Two Adults Two Immature.
12 13-02-2014 Tinks Pool Katrine Echidna
13 12-02-2014 Glenavon Pool on sandbar Australian Pelican 27 birds largest number in recent years
14 29-01-2014 Millards Pool Rainbow Bee Eater Two sighted, one fed the other. Not sure if it was a pair or one was Juvenile.
15 14-01-2014 Northam Town Pool Freckled Duck Sighting by Clinton Richter. Not been recorded here before
16 18-12-2013 Millards Pool at Ellery's Eastern GreatEgret Two wading
17 01-12-2013 West end, Millard's Pool Pallid Cuckoo Immature form
18 24-11-2013 Toodyay Road, near James Cottage Pacific Black Duck PBD crossing the road, with a clutch of tiny littlns, heading for the river. I thought that was late
19 03-10-2013 Avon River, opposite Donkey Crossing Australian Pelican Two birds noted. Good river flow still
20 02-10-2013 Katrine Sacred Kingfisher Most of the northern migrants have arrived to breed, still waiting for Rainbow Beeater due October.

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