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Our Sponsors

The Toodyay Friends of the River wish to thank our generous sponsors. They have challenged us to achieve our Mission 'to restore our cherished Avon River, and its environs, to a healthy and vibrant ecosystem for both riverine and terrestrial flora and fauna, for current and future generations.' We have accepted that challenge!

Our major sponsors are:

Wheatbelt NRM are a major sponsor of the TFOR, providing a number of grants in the past, and continuing to fund our exciting projects including the sponsorship of our Biddip newsletter.

Vernice Pty Ltd - Earth Moving Contractors. Contact by email here.

Vernice were another of our earliest sponsors, and really enabled us to get onto our feet. They have also assisted with maintenance of firebreaks in Lloyd Reserve. In November 2012, they provided funding to purchase a new wheeled brush cutter, making life so much easier, and the task less labour intensive. Thanks Vernice!

The Toodyay Op Shop have been incredible with their support of the Toodyay community over many years, and the Friends of the River have and continue to benefit from that support. We sincerely thank the volunteers working there for their generosity.


Toodyay Hardware and Farm - Makit Hardware. Contact them by email here.

Toodyay Garden & Outdoor Centre - Telephone (08) 9574 4438

P&S Ferguson - Earthmoving Contractors - Telephone (08) 9574 4402

The Department of Water & Environmental Regulation sponsored us from our earliest beginnings, providing materials to assist with projects, helped us to co-sponsor University students working on river related projects, with our Prisoner Work Teams, and with general support for our administrative functions.
Their guidance has been invaluable and their sponsorship highly valued.

We also have a number of generous benefactors who provide sponsorship to assist us, but we are always seeking more for the mammoth task we have ahead.